Twitter, Really!?!

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I have met (in the Twitter since of the word) so many people that have inspired me. Surprisly, more so than people I have known all of my life. I have taken the road less travelled to medical school. I am a pre-med, wife and mother of four. Ok…I will give you a second to pick your mouth up off of the floor. Crazy, right? Yes, I know. However, I see no reason to give up on my dreams because I have a family. Will it be more difficult? Probably. No, let me correct that. It IS more difficult. Would I change anything? No! I love my husband and kids with all of my heart. The folks that I have meet on twitter keep me motivated. Seeing so many people that have been where I am just a few short years ago keeps my eyes on the prize. I’ve met OB/GYNs, Neurosurgeons, General surgeons, etc. I have also met some wonderful people that share the same struggle. We share stories and advice to encourage each other as we embark on the journey to medical school. Twitter is what you make it. You can use it to stalk your favorite celebrities or you can use it as a networking tool to get inspired and motivated by those that share the same goals.

How do you Twitter?


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