Reading is Fundamental

Cover of the Medical School catalog of 1868-69.

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You would be at a great advantage if you have the ability to read quickly and efficiently when you begin medical school. This bit of info was given to me by a current naval medical officer. She suggested that I read at least 30 minutes a day and record the total amount of pages that I have read. It is very important to keep a record of this so that you can gauge whether there has been an improvement or digression. There should be a noticeable improvement if this practice is kept . This will not only help your MCAT verbal score but the other areas of the exam as well. Think about it! With the exception of the stand-alones each area of the MCAT (Biological and Physical Sciences) all begin with a passage. It goes without saying, that your reading materials should include more than fashion magazines and comic books. Although, anything is better than nothing. Of course with the vast amount of information that is given in medical school this can only give you a boost. I look forward to those thick packets of lecture notes with apprehension and awe. Who doesn’t need an advantage in medical school?

Do you keep a reading log?


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2 Responses to Reading is Fundamental

  1. Amira says:

    I don’t keep a reading log; it never occurred to me to keep one, but I appreciate the importance on one. Sadly, I haven’t read for leisure in too long to admit, but I read lots of online magazines (WSJ, Economist, etc) and ….of course, blogs. I can’t help it!

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