Happy Veteran’s Day!

Veterans Day Ceremony
Image by Josh LeClair via Flickr

Military life has been a big part of my family. My husband, my sister, and dad have all served in the military. Countless cousins, uncles and friends have all served. My sister was deployed about two years ago to Afghanistan . Those six months that she was over there were the most nerve wrecking time of my life. She is my little sister and I have always been her protector. I felt so hopeless while she was there. All that I could do is pray that she would be alright. Thankfully, she came back fine. Some many people risk there lives everyday for our country. I can’t wrap my mind around their courageous and self-less spirit. Our veterans and active members are some special people and I am very grateful for their service. To all of our veteran’s, I salute you. Thank you! Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day!


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