Summer Delight in the Winter

As a wife, mommy of four, and a graduate student sometimes it’s difficult to find quick and nutritious meals. About a month ago I made the decision to make sure that the first meal of my day was a healthy one. I started eating Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal. I would add fruit like apples and/or berries to my bowl to give it a kick. So imagine my excitement (yes I got excited over oatmeal, I’m a simple girl) when @influenster sent me a @Quaker #realmedleys Summer Berry Oatmeal + in their Holiday 2012 VoxBox. Let me tell you the first thing you will notice is the smell. It smells so good. The scent of berries and brown sugar just rushed out of the bowl. Quick and easy is something I love when it comes to breakfast. I just added a little water and 45 seconds later I had breakfast in front of me. So it’s nutritious, quick, and easy. Well, it can’t be delicious right? Wrong! It is so good. The berries just burst in your mouth and the hint of brown sugar gives it a nice punch of sweet. I can’t wait to try more favors and I will definitely be purchasing the Summer Berry Oatmeal +. Who doesn’t want a bit of summer fun in this frosty winter?




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