My Non-New Year’s Resolution

This year I made a vow to not make any New Year’s Resolution. However, like most people working out continues to be a goal that comes to mind every year. I purchased the 10 Minute Solution Cardio Work for the Wii and The Firm Express DVD Workout Series. So I have to tools now I have to figure out where in my schedule to fit in my workouts. At the end of the day I am exhausted so that’s out. Getting up early will be a challenge because I often stay up late to study. So, when will I work out? Right, now I have no idea. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon because I know that it is something that needs to be high priority right now. I’m not trying to lose weight but I do need to get in shape. I’ve been getting winded doing simple tasks like walking up one flight of stairs and for me that’s not the norm. We shall see how this all works out (pun intended).



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3 Responses to My Non-New Year’s Resolution

  1. These tips might help you wake up early to work out. I don’t like waking up early, but working out at the beginning of the day is better than working out at night because I get too energized!

  2. Oh definitely, I do that probably every day. Sometimes I wonder if a clock like this, that rolls off the table would be a good idea…

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